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US Navy

Location: Great LakesIL 60088 Document ID: AC146-3RAQ Posted on: 2018-04-2304/23/2018 Job Type: Regular

Job Schedule:Full-time
Minimum Education: Not Specified2018-05-23

United States Navy Officer

Become a United States Navy Officer! Every day, you’ll find its brave men and women engaged in meaningful work, as part of dedicated professional communities, answering a call that could involve anything from combat to peacekeeping to humanitarian assistance. You’ll be joining a highly specialized community that applies its skills to serve our nation’s global interests. The Navy is an employer of choice when it comes to making the most of your abilities in some of the most exciting and dynamic fields imaginable. Whether you’re an aspiring college student or a proven professional, you’ll find unrivaled training, educational opportunities and scholarship offers. There’s no better way to impact the world with the work you do.

U.S. Navy Officers are some of the most well-respected men and women serving our country. They also enjoy some of the most exciting benefits. Like: exceptional training, valuable leadership experience, comprehensive health-care benefits, and a highly competitive compensation package. It’s all in addition to the opportunity to become a world traveler. To serve among peers who share your commitment to excellence and to bear the honor of performing a greater good in the world at large.

Not all Officer roles are the same. In fact, Navy Officers can choose from more than a dozen distinct career paths – each one involving intensive, specialized training at some of the world’s most advanced schools. With that Navy experience on your resume, you’ll be a top-tier candidate should you later seek employment in the civilian sector.

 You’ll have the opportunity to rise to the top of your field in:

  • Law
  • Aviation
  • Chaplaincy
  • Information Warfare
  • Intelligence
  • Oceanography/Meteorology
  • Public Affairs
  • Special Operations
  • Supply, Transportation, Logistics
  • Surface Warfare
  • Civil Engineer


When it comes to financial advantages, the Navy amounts to much more than a competitive paycheck. As a Navy Officer, you can look forward to:

  • Supplemental/bonus pay
  • Scheduled pay raises and regular promotions
  • Postgraduate education, fully funded by the Navy
  • Post-9/11 GI bill – funding for you or your family to use for school
  • 30 days’ vacation with pay earned every year
  • Outstanding retirement benefits, plus a 401(k)-like thrift savings plan
  • Comprehensive medical and dental coverage
  • Tax-free allowances for housing and meals
  • Free or low-cost travel opportunities


You could even qualify for college loan repayment assistance. Or, if you’re still in school, the Navy may provide regular monthly funding to help pay for tuition, food and housing.


Call a Navy Recruiter at (847) 688-7100 EXT 117
or email to learn more.
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