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Storehouse of Vision Chicago

Document ID: A7045-0280 Posted on: 02/01/2013 Job Type: Regular

Job Schedule:Full-time

Shipping and Receiving Clerk

About the Job
Top Print Finishing company currently has an opening in our shipping department for a shipping clerk, must have 3 years experience.
We are looking for a self motivated individual who can work in a fast paced environment.
Experience with forklift, pallet jack, computer, FedEx & UPS required.

Shipping and Receiving Clerk
About the Job

Equipment & Warehouse Assistant

Primary Duties

·         Assist the Equipment & Warehouse manager in:

o   Ensure that all equipment needed is in working order

o   Identify specific equipment needed for an event (including peripherals)

o   Create packing lists

o   Conduct Pack

§  Work with techs to preload and test custom software

§  Work with techs to pre-program routers and LAN modems if possible

§  Test and pack required peripherals

§  Pack accessories as required

§  Boxes packed and labeled so that items can be easily identified at venue

§  Shipping and tracking per the Shipping & Logistics below

·         Maintain equipment storage bins

·         Preparation of tool kits for shows

·         Assist with show kits

·         Create shipping label kits

·         Tool inventory and management

·         Maintain badges from past shows

·         Assist with cleaning of office and warehouse

Assist in Manage Maintenance, Inventory and Storage of Equipment

·         Assist the Equipment & Warehouse manager in:

o   Track /Manage equipment

o   Maintain and Update Equipment Lists

§  Track Purchase date and location

§  Purchase price

§  Current Location

§  Special Notes (damage history, parts replaced, etc)

·         Notes on repairs and fixes, times, dates, locations

·         Time/Date of next scheduled maintenance

·         Notes on ‘to do’ for a particular unit, Trakker Software update for example.

§  Serial Number

§  Warranty contact and duration

o   Equipment Organization

§  Primarily responsible for keeping storage bins neat and orderly including proper labeling of all bins and drawers

General Responsibilities

·         Monthly reconciliation of all expenses

·         Locate eBay items to box, label and ship as needed

·         Maintain warehouse in neat and orderly fashion

·         Alert supervisor to low inventory

·         Local errands / courier (sometimes in personal vehicle)

·         General facilities maintenance

o   Daily collection of trash

o   Bi-weekly cleaning and restocking of bathrooms

o   Weekly cleaning of windows

o   Weekly watering of plants

o   Weekly cleaning of fridge and microwave

o   Maintain cleanliness and neatness of office/tech areas

o   Dusting and mopping as needed

o   Painting as needed

o   Pick-up of front of building/ parking lot area

Special Projects

·         Must be on-call to manage, track and address shipping issues as they impact our events

·         Assist with auditing of all shipment billing – Freight & FedEx/UPS

·         Assist with identifying, evaluate, purchase new equipment along with other team members.

·         Assist with maintenance and prep of BP aircraft

·         Assist GPS unit maintenance and programming

·         VE related tasks

·         Ensure trucks are clean (inside and out)

·         Assist with maintenance and prep of BP aircraft

·         VE related tasks

Required Attributes

·         Must handle oneself in a professional and calm demeanor

·         Must be punctual at all times

·         Must be able to self manage time

·         Must be organized and thorough with attention to even the smallest detail

·         Must be confident and able to ask questions when unsure of assignments to clearly understand the requirements and deliverables

·         Must have reliable transportation to get to and from work

·         Must be flexible with work schedule understanding the travel nature of the position. There will be times when last minute schedule changes are needed, you must be able to adapt and not be adverse to change.

·         Must be a good communicator with a firm grasp of the English language.  You must be able to communicate clearly and accurately both when speaking and in writing, over the phone and in person.

·         Must own a Smart Phone (web/email capable) and actually use the device. This is a tool that is key to critical communication and you are required to own one and use it frequently to stay in contact.

·         Must be able to multi-task, working on several projects at one time and also have the ability to prioritize and pipeline work assignments so that all tasks are completed successfully

·         Must be a team player, helping the company meet overall goals while continuing to accomplish individual’s goals on time and accurately.

·         Must be driven to personally develop on both an intellectual and personal level.

·         Must arrive at work in task appropriate dress but always be showered and neatly presented when reporting for work. Clothing with rips or holes, skull caps, cut-off, baggy pants or other modified or ill fitting clothing is not acceptable. Any activity that is directly client related is business dress.

·         BrightPipe is a non-smoking office – smoking is not permitted within 100 feet of our premises.